Our Goal Enhancing learning experiences can revolutionise education.

Students First

Keeping students at the core of all our efforts, our goal is to create a healthy environment that helps young minds develop the insights and skills to thrive in a dynamic world.


We are committed to helping schools build an enriching learning environment, one that fully embraces, understands and celebrates diversity.

Mental Wellbeing

We strive to create a learning atmosphere that allows every student and teacher to have a safe space and an honest dialogue. We place great value in the potential of mental wellbeing in helping students realise their true potential.

Learning Happiness

At Great Place To Study, we believe a happy student makes for an eager student, one who truly embraces the journey of learning. We work closely with various schools to build a happy and enriching learning environment for every student.

Putting Students at the Forefront

The most important asset of an education institution is its students. Student satisfaction is key to ensuring quality education and delivering an exceptional learning experience. The School Fulfilment Index (SFI) measures student, parent, teacher and alumni satisfaction level on 6 Key Performance Indicators, through robust technology and machine learning, to offer schools, colleges and universities a comprehensive understanding of the impact of their education policies and practices. Our objective is to put students & parents at the forefront to evaluate what they learn & how they learn and help their school to be recognised as a Great Place To Study.

Andrea D. Ferrari

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

Shekhar Bhattacharjee


Jorge Carlos Ferrari

Board Member

Jorge Damian Ferrari

Board Member

Manu M Nair

Product & Innovation

Kriti Khanna

Operation & Strategy

Gabriela González Pacheco

VP - Latin America

Nicolás Bermúdez

Associate Partner

Mark Webber

Associate Partner

Emilio Rangel

Associate Partner

Amaris Salazar

Associate Partner

Jennifer Klein

Associate Partner

Jill Ackers

Associate Partner

Armando Andrade

Associate Partner

Vartika Mishra

Statistical Analyst

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